Semalt Expert: How To Run Successful Content Research

Digital marketing is essential for businesses with an online platform. With digital marketing, a website is particular to increase its customer base as well as the profits. Several techniques can help increase the visibility of a brand to online shoppers. Some of these techniques include search engine optimization (SEO), effective social media campaigns (SMM) as well as content marketing. These methods revolve around SEO tactics such as keyword research, ranking, backlinking as well as running multiple PTC ad campaigns.

For the case of content marketing, there are efficient ways due to which people get top content for their websites. Many entrepreneurs face the problem of choosing between which content to use. In this digital era, the internet possesses all forms of digital content. In the same sense, you may want to make quality blog posts for your content. Some may use primary content while others depend on secondary content. By the way, Andrew Dyhan, the Semalt Customer Success Manager reckons that you have to differentiate between primary and secondary content to succeed in a marketing campaign.

The difference between primary and secondary content research

Analysts explain that most of the readers of a website click a URL with a goal in mind. Most of your website traffic do not care about the information. The common objective of visiting a website is getting information or performing a call to action task. However, some deep research people might be able to know the difference, which can influence their decision to convert for your website.

Primary sources

Theoretically, this is data which come from scratch. It may involve personal opinion, lab report or some other kind of reporting. Primary lines of evidence place the owner of the blog/website as an author, and scholarly applications may quote the website and the topic. Practically, it is possible to reuse primary data or even refurbish the content to use it on another site as a secondary data source. Primary data is safe, but some applications may demand to reference. Secondary data sources are good with quoting other authors.

Secondary data

Secondary data sources possess more weight than primary data sources. They involve quoting some highly cognitive books as well as well-known studies. An example of a data entry can include joining phrases like "According to some research by Forrester or the Census Bureau." Such kind of information enhances the credibility of your information making a reader test your sources. Furthermore, quoting secondary sources increases the authority of your page rankings. This condition helps the search engines rank you before most other sources.


Every online business needs adequate online visibility to reach a significant customer base. In this regard, content marketing plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of this matter. Businesses employ SEO agencies who perform some of these tasks. However, you may need to learn how these marketing techniques work and how to use each effectively. In most cases, content marketing may involve two types of data set: primary data and secondary data. This guide can teach you the difference and what to use in a particular data set. You can be able to generate your data as well as make an authoritative website with numerous leads.

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